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Join Us This Sunday

We have taken every precaution to ensure a safe in-person worship environment.  But, for your peace of mind, we also offer a virtual worship experience.


We see better days for Aberdeen residents and the communities that surround us; and we see Highway Holiness proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping countless individuals and families embrace hope in God.


Suffragan Bishop Clarence J. Barnes is founder and current pastor of Highway Holiness Church. His commitment to God and the church family has produced a track record of Christian conversions and positive community impact.


No matter who you are, we have a ministry that will serve you or that you may serve in.  At Highway Holiness, we are all family and work together to ensure that the church of God honors God by serving our communities.

When you’re at Highway, you’re at the right place at the right time, where EVERYBODY is somebody.

We sat down with Suffragan Bishop Clarence J Barnes to discuss his inspiration and experiences in establishing the Highway Holiness Church in Aberdeen, Maryland.  Take a look.

Highway Holiness Church

511 Edmund Street

Aberdeen, Maryland 21001

Suffragan Bishop Clarence J Barnes, Interim Pastor